look is free

look is free

Hello. I am Kristy.
I moved to Norway from the Czech Republic
to find a happiness in the most beautiful country.
I am interested in nice things - photography, design, fashion, travelling.
So I travel, take pictures and look around...
You can join me. Look is free!

We couldn’t choose better accommodation for the first days in Bali and going straightly to the south has been the right decision!

The the south coast of Bali - Bukit Peninsula is unique and not as crowded as Kuta and other places. Bukit includes the famous cliff-hanging temple at Uluwatu, a number of Bali’s very best beaches including Balangan, and the top surfing spots on the island.

This villa run by one Czech guy (surfer obviously), who is not only a great host but also the best company you could wish!

We wanted to stay there all holiday but we had a duty to visit more places :-).

At least we can recommend their accommodation and servis and hope to come back one time.



Back home ;-).

Back home ;-).

Big city life
Jakarta in day and night.

Concrete jungle of Jakarta.

We met various animals. Cats, rats and cockroaches.

- explore the coffee plantation
- going almost 200 km on a motorbike in a green agricultural countryside while meeting no tourists!

Love when my travels help to make some of my dreams true. Have touched an elephant ;-).

Off the road to Mount Bromo. Countryside with vulcanos reminds me the Jurasic parc.

Prambanan buddhist/hindu temple

The biggest buddhist temple komplex in Java. Borobudur.

Kawah Ijen
Yes we went down the crater from where those brave miners carry the sulphur in basket 60 - 80 kg heavy. The lake on the crater floor is the world’s largest acid lake.

Things have changed since we are in Java…

On the way from Bali to Java. It’s been a great view on a sank ferry from the same ferry and when they played a videoclip with Celin Dion’s song used in Titanic movie, it was really funny :-).

Fish market in Jimbaran. Smelly place but worth to visit.

This is how we swim in Bali, getting tough, going straight to the waves.

Met my boyfriend in Bali and proper Eat Pray Love can start!